Zoho CRM

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Zoho CRM & Marketing Automation

Consultancy, training, maintenance & support

SalesBridge opts for Zoho

Technology & architecture

The unique single-platform approach with best-practices across all parts of the platform ensures huge potential.  Zoho provides an unprecedented user experience with this integrated solution. In turn, mobile apps ensure maximum flexibility “on the road”.

World player

ZOHO is among the absolute best for CRM software worldwide. Gartner ranks Zoho among the Industry Leaders, together with SalesForce.com, Hubspot & Microsoft Dynamics.

However, Zoho is much more than just CRM.

360° overview

A solution around Zoho CRM is a total solution.  Here, all functions are managed and monitored by 1 and the same platform.  The result: a total picture of what is happening (operationally, commercially and financially) in your company, streamlined communication with customers and quick insight into possible problem situations.

Correct values

Zoho has a stable pricing structure with no short- or long-term surprises. There is no lock-in as you can get a full export of all your data at any time. There is an open architecture: Zoho has accessible APIs to communicate with external systems. Moreover, the platform is alive and growing. More than 4,500 developers are working to grow Zoho, its apps and its functionalities.

CRM & marketing automation

“Marketing automation” is partly based on the principles of Inbound Marketing.  This means that marketing efforts will essentially have a digital angle and will have their finality in converting qualified leads.

Moreover, if you know the details of all your customers’ buying and browsing behaviour, you can start communicating with your customers and prospects in a much more targeted way.

The unique single-platform approach across all parts of the platform creates an unseen potential of information through intelligent data linking.

With just an excel table, this is hardly possible.

The solution is a total solution via Zoho CRM!

How can we help you?


To manage the roll-out of the Zoho package, a good analysis needs to be made of the various steps and existing processes that need to be gone through. We also examine whether certain processes can be made more efficient, as a number of bottlenecks often emerge during discussions. We help you on your way and make adjustments where necessary so that the end result is a streamlined whole that fully meets your company’s needs.

Setup & configuratie

Zoho CRM is customisable according to the needs of any kind of business. We configure the platform according to the specifications in the preliminary analysis . We use our “Best Practice” to meet the needs and requirements of all stakeholders. We provide automation and make the CRM work for you.  For very specific requirements, we develop “Custom Fuctions”. We build links to your ERP system or other external platforms.

Training & maintenance

Self-sufficiency is key.  Sharing knowledge with you is central to our cooperation.  SalesBridge believes that the success of CRM partly depends on the knowledge and experience that you as a customer acquire about this domain. The more knowledge and the better your understanding, the more chances of success.

Even after delivery, you can count on us.  You can always ask us to look over your shoulder to check whether everything is still running optimally and where there are areas for improvement.


You can also count on us after the roll-out and commissioning of Zoho CRM.
Any questions? A problem? Call us or send an e-mail to our service mailbox. We will answer your question or help you get back on track as soon as possible. Zoho applications are constantly evolving. We provide support so that you too can take advantage of all these new features. This ensures that the ROI of your CRM remains at the same level even after implementation!

Zoho One: the Operating System for your Business


Zoho One offers a wide range of as many as 40 web applications with as many mobile apps to run your entire business under the same umbrella in the Cloud.  Hence it can be called an Operating System for your Business!