Get Me Started

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Getting started…..

 It’s easier than you think.

This is how you get started

1000-and-1 questions!

Starting a Zoho CRM project is easy.  Register, log in and off you go!  And then you’ve come a long way while playing!  Yet afterwards you may be left with questions.  Can I add extra fields?  How do I modify a module?  How do I link my e-mail? Can I automate?

Just ask us

You can of course find the answers to all these questions online.  But it can also be easier… Zoho and SalesBridge work closely together to help customers in Belgium start up and grow as successfully as possible. Over the years, we have advised teams and companies from less than 10 to more than 100 employees.


Let us help you set up your own Zoho project successfully:

  • We analyse the needs and wishes of your stakeholders.
  • We build and configure for maximum ease of use and efficiency.
  • We automate where needed.
  • We build custom features and widgets for extra functionality.
  • We integrate with your existing platforms and applications.
  • We train your employees.
  • We look over your shoulder during start-up to adjust where necessary.

We remain available for support and possible extensions over time.

You count on Zoho and Zoho counts on us.

Feel free to contact us for a demonstration and all your questions