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Zoho Corporation – a global player

Zoho Corporation is an Indian software company that has focused exclusively on web-based business software (Software As A Service) since its inception. Software developed specifically to meet the needs of today’s SMEs. With such model, you no longer buy software, but pay for its use.  This means that a small SME with, say, 5 employees can have exactly the same software with all the same features as a large SME with 100+ employees…

Zoho Corporation was founded in 1996 in Pleasanton-California and, as the figures in the overview above indicate, Zoho has grown into a true global player in the field of software development! Its tools are also highly valued and regularly win awards. For instance, Zoho CRM – the queen piece of the Zoho suite – was placed in the quandrant of industry leaders by Gartner! Zoho’s headquarters (pictured) is in Chennai-India, the US headquarters in Austin-Texas and since 2018 there is now also a European headquarters in Utrecht.

Zoho headquarters – Chennai – India

Premium Partner

We have been working with Zoho since 2009.

Through personal contact with members of Zoho’s management, we talked early on about the possibility of introducing Zoho to the Belgian market. This all happened at a time when software ‘in the cloud’ was still something incomprehensible to most entrepreneurs and seemed unattainable. We founded SalesBridge with the aim of assisting entrepreneurs in digitising business processes.

Meanwhile, our SalesBridge Team is 10 strong.

We have had not one, but hundreds of great experiences with our clients over the past 13 years. Some of them have even become friends, which we particularly appreciate.

Today, the great news reaches us that SalesBridge has from now on become a Premium Partner of Zoho. This recognition is an important milestone.

And it is also particularly good news for you: thanks to this partnership, new insights and solutions get to you even faster.

We want to emphasise here that the collaboration with the Zoho team is great and that we have an excellent working relationship. Together, we always try to find the best solution for our customers and this commitment is truly admirable. We didn’t want to withhold this news from you.

Certified Solution Provider

Salesbridge has certified consultants/developers for Zoho Creator. This is Zoho’s “Low-coding Application Platform” for custom application development.