Managing real estate with Zoho CRM and Immoweb

Managing real estate with Zoho CRM and Immoweb

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SalesBridge Introduces Zoho CRM Integration with Immoweb

At SalesBridge, we believe in ecosystems.

  • Ecosystems are software platforms that, when connected, form a single world.
  • This allows businesses to keep data centralized and therefore report on it.

That’s why we’ve set a goal of enabling real estate development companies to work with an ecosystem based on Zoho software.

In this spirit, we’ve built a connection with Immoweb for our customers in the construction promotion market. It won’t have escaped your notice that Immoweb today occupies an important position in the world of real estate in Belgium. It is therefore logical that we have connected Zoho CRM to this website for our customers.

Why is it interesting to connect the Zoho CRM system to Immoweb?

  • Simplified lead management: Zoho CRM can be used to manage leads generated via Immoweb. This can help to organize, track, and qualify leads.
  • Improved customer communication: Zoho CRM can then be used to improve communication with (potential) customers. This can be done by sending emails, making phone calls, and keeping conversation notes.
  • Increased sales opportunities: Zoho CRM can be used to identify and track sales opportunities (deals). This helps to convert leads quickly and efficiently into customers.

In any case, using Zoho CRM can help to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of your activities on Immoweb.

Through the connection, the real estate developer can manage all of their properties, leads, and customers in Zoho CRM and immediately update the status, prices, and photos on Immoweb. The result: less work, less worries, and… more measurable results.