SalesBridge is Zoho Premium Partner for Belgium and the Netherlands

SalesBridge is Zoho Premium Partner for  Belgium and the Netherlands

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Zoho Premium Partner voor België, Nederland en Luxemburg.

SalesBridge: 15 Years of Zoho Expertise

SalesBridge has been the official Zoho partner in Belgium since 2009. Back then, cloud-based software was still new and unknown to many entrepreneurs. But our founders, Karl Odent and Philip Debaere, saw the potential of this technology and were determined to make Zoho accessible to Belgian companies.

Today, SalesBridge has a team of 11 experts who help clients implement and optimize Zoho solutions. Over the past 15 years, we have helped hundreds of clients digitize their business processes.

Our clients appreciate our personal approach and expertise. In 2020, SalesBridge was recognized as a Zoho Premium Partner. This is a major milestone for us, as it means we have access to the latest Zoho technology and insights. This benefits our clients, who can now enjoy the advantages of Zoho even faster.

SalesBridge works closely with the Zoho team to find the best solutions for our clients. This collaboration is based on mutual trust and respect.

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